Eye of Metamorphosis

Metamorphosis is our projection on us self. We provide a unique experience at night times with the Eye of Metamorphosis: A body-projection art installation creates an individual metamorphosis to be projected on the moving or dancing body. Butterflies, which morph into watchful eyes reminding wishful ideals come with the cost of exposition; or flowers, which burn away from the inside, or fire that freezes to ice. A mirror at the bottom of the eye lets participants experience their own metamorphosis.

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Music Visualization Theme Camp

Trippy and spacey, laser eyed and shiny objects, landscape, aliens and faces are beating in all different frequencies of the current music being played, projected onto you. Real-time rendering and FFT make it possible. Buckle up for a deep dive into the vast reaches of music!

Educational Presentations And Food

  • Alcohol: The effects on the body, a live experience and a high resolution BAC device are utilized to educate the audience. Be responsible on the Playa, we provide all the info!
  • Lift theory (the real one, one of us just published a paper to finally clarify this question)
  • Atomic Fusion - The future of Green Energy. How it works, what it is, by a physicist from the MIT

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